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Tong Kang Lee – Chinese Medical Centre

Founder of Tong Kong Lee Medicine Centre, Dr. Kang Xiao Li has been in the practice since graduating from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in 1985. He later completed his Masters and PhD at RMIT University. Dr. Li has over 30 years of expertise treating patients using traditional methods of Chinese Medicine.


Chinese Herbal Medicine
- A natural and holistic alternative used to treat various health conditions

- traditional Chinese medicine therapy which uses Mona, "Aiye" to assist with the treatment of various health conditions

Tui Na
- traditional Chinese medicine massage which focuses on acupressure points to assist with pain alleviation

- a therapy in which a jar is attached to the skin surface causing local congestion through negative pressure to treat various health conditions

Commonly Treated Conditions
- musculoskeletal
- respiratory
- weight issues
- high blood sugar
- depression

We offer other treatments as well, so contact us today and start your new natural and holistic journey!

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Tong Kang Lee, 515, Macaulay Road, Kensington, Melbourne, City of Melbourne, Victoria, 3031, Australia
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