Kensington Business Association


About Kensington

Welcome to Kensington, a charming neighborhood with a unique personality, where old-world charm blends effortlessly with modern flair! Stroll down our picturesque elm-lined streets, and you’ll be delighted by the diverse architectural styles, including Victorian terraces, quaint cottages, stylish warehouse apartments, and contemporary structures.

Just a short 4km hop from Melbourne’s bustling CBD, Kensington is home to a lively café culture, one-of-a-kind gift shops, a variety of professional services, cozy grocers, and a mouth-watering food scene. Our passionate local traders go above and beyond to offer you the very best, from fresh and delicious produce to the tantalizing aroma of homemade soups and meticulously curated shop windows – Kensington is truly a feast for the senses!

At the heart of our vibrant community lies the iconic Kensington Town Hall, an essential gathering space for residents, visitors, and workers alike. We cordially invite you to visit and experience this stunning venue and join our warm, welcoming community. Welcome to Kensington – you’ll feel right at home!

The Kensington Business Association Committee comprises of volunteer member nominated at the Annual General Meeting.  Their role is to oversee and approve all marketing activities, plan for the future and seek opportunities to enhance the businesses of Kensington.  They work closely with the Marketing Team and the City of Melbourne and meet on a monthly basis.

If you would like to discuss any queries about your membership, or potential membership, please feel welcome to contact our committee members or email

The Committee


Welcome to the Kensington Business Association! We are thrilled to have you here.

Our membership charge of $50 is a fantastic opportunity for your business to grow and expand its reach. When you join our association, you gain access to valuable resources that will help you market and promote your business to both local and wider audiences. Additionally, your membership fee is matched by a generous contribution of $600.00 from Council, which goes toward supporting our business precinct’s growth. By investing in our community, we can create a thriving local business centre that benefits everyone.

At Kensington Business Association, we have worked hard to establish our foundation, and now, we are excited to take the next step in our growth. With your support, we can continue to create new opportunities for our members and foster a thriving business community. By joining our association, you will gain access to a vibrant network of local entrepreneurs who are passionate about the success of Kensington’s businesses and community.

We invite you to renew your membership or sign up as a new member of the Kensington Business Association. Let’s work together to further develop Discover Kensington and create a dynamic and prosperous business community that benefits us all. Thank you for considering joining our association, and we look forward to working with you!